Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Eastern & Oriental Hotel was my gorgeous accommodation for my short, impromptu trip to Georgetown in Penang. It was beautiful, classic and all things nice.

Perched by the waterfront, it was only a little walk away from the city center. And if you were lazy still, you could always hail cabs from right there. Or walk less than 10 minutes to get the local free CAT buses that shuttle around Georgetown.

Great rooms, size and looks wise. Lavish bath, Victorian bathtubs, a pretty little balcony. Nice location, nice patios for lunches and brunches overlooking the beautiful blue waters.

Huge breakfast spreads from a plethora of breads to curries and rice, and with wide ranging hours for them, those could well be brunches. Teas, coffees, juices, fruits, you’d be spoilt for choices.

Friendly staff. A spa that I didn’t avail of. A lounge that had a happy hour at 5 PM everyday. Two swimming pools. Plenty of garden space. Beautiful halls, hallways and lobbies. I don’t even think I explored their entire facilities fully. But here’s some of what I did.

More details of the food and drinks to follow on my food blog!


Lobby / Hallways IMG_20180212_203200
IMG_20180212_203441 IMG_20180212_203456
IMG_20180212_203610 IMG_20180213_114646

IMG_20180212_203713 IMG_20180212_203923
IMG_20180212_203931 IMG_20180212_203951
IMG_20180212_204002 IMG_20180212_204004
IMG_20180212_204013 IMG_20180212_204051

Closet Space
IMG_20180212_203811 Bath IMG_20180212_203840
IMG_20180212_203907 IMG_20180212_203909
IMG_20180212_203914 IMG_20180212_203918

Double vanity
IMG_20180212_203825 IMG_20180212_203835

Room balcony
IMG_20180214_075147 IMG_20180214_075150

View from the Room
IMG_20180214_075224 IMG_20180214_075225

Planters Lounge, Breakfast, Happy Hour
IMG_20180213_083829 IMG_20180213_083847
IMG_20180213_083855 IMG_20180213_083935_Bokeh
IMG_20180213_084804 IMG_20180213_174139_Bokeh

Smaller Pool


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