Hong Kong Devil’s Peak

Thanks to Hong Kong Hiking Lover, a fellow mom hiker here, I’ve been “exploring” Hong Kong.

IMG_20180206_101724 Based on my travel so far, the cityscape views that Hong Kong has to offer, are by far the best I’ve seen.

We did the Devil’s Peak yesterday.

After lots of days devoid the sun, and I binge watching Netflix, Billions and Ray Donovan and the likes, I decided to step out.

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful hike, and great views. IMG_20180206_095943
IMG_20180206_100714 IMG_20180206_100806
IMG_20180206_100808 IMG_20180206_100839
IMG_20180206_100939 IMG_20180206_101052
IMG_20180206_101143 IMG_20180206_101146
IMG_20180206_101148 IMG_20180206_101159
IMG_20180206_101200 IMG_20180206_101635
IMG_20180206_101655 IMG_20180206_101656
IMG_20180206_101658 IMG_20180206_101717
IMG_20180206_101724 IMG_20180206_101829
IMG_20180206_101841 IMG_20180206_102553
IMG_20180206_103123 IMG_20180206_103254
IMG_20180206_103338 IMG_20180206_103517
IMG_20180206_103525 IMG_20180206_103716
IMG_20180206_110111 IMG_20180206_113812_Bokeh


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