Dumbo Day Out

Dumbo in Brooklyn is one of my favorite places to spend a beautiful day. Yesterday, I was able to convince a few friends to come along.

There was a set up for kids, courtesy Curious George – Educational Games, Activities, & News. I didn’t know of it before, but it was nice and engaging for the kids for a bit.

That, followed by some ice-cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream factory.

Some food.

Play time for the kids.

Some more ice cream.

Some discussions around the upcoming long weekend and what(s) and what not(s).

Last summer, they had the water play area.  Bummer that I didn’t see it yesterday.

It was a nice day though.  And it’s easier to keep the kids engaged outdoors than indoors.

Good day. Good views. Some negative energies but glad there were other people to get that. I, think I’m getting better at warding them off. Not there yet, if I am writing about it the next day, am I? 🙂

But I try! Do you? Drop a line on how you filter out the negativity?


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