Events: Macy’s Chef Street Opening

Last Thursday, I went for the Macy’s Chef Street Opening tickets that I found on Eventbrite.

It was fun. Not a huge line to get in, but was packed enough. They served beers, a select few cocktails and wines. When they inaugurated and opened the food booths, people lined up at the different shops.

Macy’s Culinary Council chefs Marc Forgione and Takashi Yagihashi were there for the inauguration.

Everything I sampled was good. I particularly liked these two Asian samples – the quinoa bulgur salad (I asked for a meatless one) and soba noodles. They were both packed with flavors. Another nice creamy salad was one with greens and citrus fruits and probably ricotta or cottage cheese.

I also tried a vegetarian bean taquito which my taste buds didn’t particularly appreciate.

I wrapped it up fairly early, and was given a little goodie bag that had a cookie and a souvenir black mug.

It was a good evening.




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