Hotels & Accommodations: Lisbon Check-in Guesthouse

Lisbon Check-in Guesthouse is where we stayed for the second leg in Lisbon, booked through Airbnb.

I’m not used to shared bathrooms and all, though realized that they might not be all that bad. Betting that the other rooms would remain unoccupied, given it was mid-week and winter, I went ahead and booked these.

So, my bet paid off and we were the only occupants in this apartment that had four bedrooms, one having the bath in-room, and the other three sharing two bathrooms. They had a fairly big kitchen area, and a sizable living and dining room.

The facilities were neat and clean. As advertised, soap, body soap, linen and towels were provided.

The place looked exactly as pictured on Airbnb.

It’s a short train ride away from the Comercio square, and since I anticipated going to Belem on one of these two days here, this was the place I thought might not be a bad idea to stay.

At the end, we still ended up going to the more city center areas, it was still accessible, even though it meant changing a train or two, given the time of the day or night you were travelling.

Not the most ideal location, but a good place.


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