United Airlines – EWR to Lisbon

I recently flew to Lisbon – November 13, 2015, to be precise.

The good part is that United has now started serving alcohol on international flights without charging the customers, even though it is limited to only wine and beer (without the charge).  United was the only airline I knew of that didn’t cover alcohol on international flights.

Then the usuals – the staff, some friendly, some not as much.   In this industry, shouldn’t that be a prerequisite?  And I understand you meeting some not-so-pleasant customers that put you off and all, but what’s with the non-smiling faces even when you’re approached with please(s) and thank you(s).

We’d requested an Asian vegetarian meal.  They got us that, but not the complete meal.  The bread and salad were missing.

Since it was a special meal, it was served to us before the drinks and crackers/cheese.  No complaints about it 🙂

I really liked the cheese.

The arrival/morning time snack was a not-at-all-soft croissant and jam.

About the flight in general – tight spacing in economy as usual, but again, nothing that I didn’t know of.

I travel with them, or for that matter any airline based on the best prices that I find.



  1. United is one of the worse choice when it comes to travelling over the ocena. I usually highly prefer European or Asian (SQ flies New York to Frankfurt, EK flies New York to Mailand) carriers over American. You just get more for your money. Nevertheless, thank you for your review! 🙂


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