Oslo Photos (from the Little Scandinavian Diary)

Hei, people!  I know I’ve been too late in bringing out the promised photos but here they are.  They give a picture of the day we spent at Oslo.  Remember?  No?  Here you go – https://nycbonviveur.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/oslo-from-the-little-scandinavian-diary/

The slideshow would’ve been more detailed were it to include our photos (it still does, if you look closely), and if I hadn’t lost my mobile (it’ll come in the Copenhagen days narrative).

And it still doesn’t include watermarks or copyright logos, but I hope nobody uses it without permission 🙂

I know it would’ve been ideal(er) to have the names of the places show up on the slideshow, but that might mean another couple of months 😉

The blog post, I wrote was pretty detailed, though.  And the slideshow more or less flows along.

Tell me how you like it. Here’s the link. If you know of better ways to create slideshows and all and embed them here, tell me. I naively started with WordPress to realize I’ll require plugins, to then see what tumblr could do, then realize that the file size was too high, then figure out Vimeo and finally create an account and upload it there.

Please feel free to go to Vimeo to get the HD view.

Oslo from BonViveur on Vimeo.



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