Because a Girl’s Gotta Dress Up!

So it’s my company’s 30th Anniversary Party this evening.  The first of it’s kind for me.  It says cocktail wear.  I, being I, the laid back I, am running around last minute for a dress and shoes.

All I got is fancy neckpiece from Swarovski and a simple watch from Esprit.  OK, I’m not that laid back. I did get a Kate Spade dress, in case I didn’t find anything.  And a very comfortable, decent looking, but not so formal pair of heels to go with it.

I used my lunch time (and lunch money :p) to grab a pair of kelly & katie shoes and a black DKNY dress to go with my neck piece.  The dress is $50.  The shoes, $40.  The neck piece – $500 + taxes!  The Kate Spade dress – ~$180.  Cheap earrings to go with those.  So either it’s Kate Spade versus Swarovski.  We’ll find who, this evening!

Well, I’ll find out.  You guys might, or might not.  Since I’m still on the fence about posting my photographs in public or not.  I just might.  Tonight might be it.

And I know I’m hyping the title up, I just blow dried my hair at home this morning, will wear simple make-up, probably run to Sephora to get some nail enamel on my hands, the toes are going to be taken care of by covered shoes, or even them, if I decide to go with the lacey Kate Spade dress, and be on my way to the party.  I see the other girls getting their hair done and probably make-up too.  They all look gorgeous already!

Keep(ing) it simple, stupid!  Even though it doesn’t really apply here 🙂


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