Bear Cake!

A cake I did for my baby’s first birthday. Cake smash!  The 3d cake pan called for a firm cake batter, like pound cake. I adapted from here. I skipped the almond flour and substituted yogurt for the apple cider vinegar. I can’t say how the cake turned out, taste wise – I didn’t try it and it seemed like it didn’t bake all the way.

It was probably because of the cake tin – it became crisp where it touched the tin, softer inside and even softer, maybe undercooked towards the center. I was so scared of it falling apart that I ended up baking for quite a bit more than the recommended 50 – 60 minutes. That was because when I turned it on the cooling rack, the core came off and the cake mixture almost plopped off from there – it was still battery and not cooked. Even after about 75 minutes of cooking, it was quite like that.

I was happy that the cake held up.

For the butter cream frosting, I used 2 cups unsalted butter – 4 sticks, and 7 cups of sugar. I added about three tablespoons of milk to it. It seemed a bit difficult at first and I wanted to use the thinnest furry-look tip, but that just wouldn’t stand up, so I did this. I used a kitchenaid stand mixer – I’m loving it.

I was satisfied with the outcome, not elated. Elation would’ve been the furry look and a darker shade of brown 🙂

Nevertheless, cheers!


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