Tickets to Italy

So last evening, I booked our tickets from US to Italy – for mid to late may for 7 days there. Flying Emirates from New York to Milan. I’m excited! I’ve downloaded a couple of apps to try and learn a bit of Italian. I’m going to start avidly reading about Italy and all the things to do.

What are your must-do(s) in Italy?



  1. I worked in Italy for two years and it has a special place in my heart, have you had any thoughts about where in Italy you want to go? Rome is stunning and if you don’t mind the crowds an amazing place but my personal favourites our Florence and Napoli. If you’re north I’d say visit the lakes of lombardia, and wherever you are have plenty of pizza and gelato!!


  2. Hi Simon!
    Thanks for your note.
    I’m flying to and from Milan. Is it a little too ambitious to touch Cinque Terre, Amalfi, Naples, Venice, Rome, Florence and Milan – one day each? I have Lake Como bookmarked too. We will have a year old with us.


  3. Como is lovely and a great day trip, I’d recommend enjoying some seafood pasta in the main piazza and a boat trip on the lake. Milan to Venice is fairly easy by train (around 4 hours) and Verona is also that way and very beautiful. Rome is a little far south from Milan (unless you get the fast train which is expensive). I’d suggest sticking to the north as you might not want to spend a lot of you time on trains.


  4. Thanks for your inputs, Simon! Lake Garda looks beautiful too. Reading a bit more, I am thinking of sticking to Northern Italy and Tuscany this time; saving Rome, Naples, Amalfi and Sicily for the next trip.


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